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AquaCeria series


Our technological development has succeeded in nanoizing Ceric Oxide ( Ce02 ) which is called Ceria, a kind of inorganic rare earth mineral, and achieved dispersion of it into water by coating it with platinum, our patented process of manufacture.

For the first time in the world, we have developed a water-based ultraviolet protection ingredient.

Evolving the conventional oil product: oxidized titanium and zinc oxide, we have completed AQUACERIA 1 (One) as the third ultraviolet reflective material which enables us to produce water-based products.

The manufacturing process of this product is of our own design. (filed for the patent on February 20th, 2013 )

AQUACERIA 1 (One) being a water-based product maintaining high ultraviolet shielding effect of Cerium gives it a particularly wide ultraviolet wavelength compared with conventional ultraviolet scattering material (such as oxidized titanium). Thus it is possible to block not only ultraviolet-B but also ultraviolet-A.

Because there is no need for parallel usage of ultraviolet absorbent as an adjuvant, a completely non-chemical formulation has become possible.

AQUACERIA® evolves organic to inorganic and oil to water-based substances. It is a name of a next-generation environment-friendly product brand which protects us from any electromagnetic ray.

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